We read in God’s Word that the apostle Paul considered himself the “worst of sinners..”. He preached that Jesus would use his life as an example to display His immense patience so that people would believe in Him and receive eternal life. We find this in 1 Timothy Chapter 1 verses 15 -17.

I find great comfort in knowing that even Paul considered himself a sinner, the worst one at that! I also love how Jesus uses the example of a man to show His mercy and His grace.

We are walking billboards towards God’s love and patience. Think about it; knowing God is a just God, having the understanding that we do not deserve His grace we should be walking this world in fear and with our heads covered, but we aren’t. We might be like those that have lost something precious to them; hand wringing and worried. But, our God is a loving God. Full of grace, for those who have accepted and received His Son as their personal Savior.

What freedom is found in the love of God! Free from death! Free from the fear that grips those of uncertain fate. We have Blessed Assurance! Join me in praising God for sparing even a sinner like me.

In 2020 and for the rest of our days, let us walk with head held high. Let is speak the name of Jesus boldly in the market places, in our fields of labor and mostly in our own homes. Allow Jesus to use your life as a living and breathing example of what love and grace is all about.

Just be you…..Christian….Loved……Sanctified…..A Royal Priesthood….Sons and Daughters of…THE KING!

God Bless

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